Stella Achenbach believes sustainable fashion means creating a sustainable business. As we create leather items we especially care for resourcing our natural materials. Another aspect lies within the production. Therefore we truly know whom we are working with.



As we create beautiful things for you the selection of our raw materials is very important to us:

Firstly we source high quality standards which means that our items will stay a long time with you if you take proper care! This concerns the leather as well as the metal hardware. (If you have questions about how to take proper care of our products please don't hesitate to contact us!)

Secondly we source our leather from so called over productions and we never ask a tannery to produce leather just for us. In return for you it means your item is even more unique, because our leather types change in short term cycles.

Thirdly we choose high quality leather with almost no sealing. This means our leather smells and feels like leather and not plastic and of course is influenced by the outside world (e.g. our natural leather starts with a bright beige and turns over time into an elegant cognac caused by just oxygen). 




The production of our lovely products takes place in Europe. As it is very important to us how our items get manufactured we only work with small companies. We know the people and like their way of working. As of now we are working with three manufactories (Poland/Italy/Portugal).



All of the hand painting takes place in Germany and is done by Stella Achenbach herself. Because it is hand painted it is very unique and although you can choose the pattern it will never be the exact same as shown in the sample. Therefore you get a unique piece of art.



Stella Achenbach - Identity Goods takes special care of short routes concerning the purchase of materials. Therefore we acquire 100% of our materials in Europe. Also our manufactories take it as one of their goals to use of a skin more than 90%. The left overs will be collected and sent to recycling facilities.